We would like to welcome you to the wonderful
and fascinating world of early printing and historical jewelry.

Our Gallery Collection offers a way for anyone to own accessories which incorporate paper and parchment fragments that are literally 300 to 500 years old! This is the only collection in the world offering authentic, wearable pieces, which date from the Medieval and Renaissance periods, at affordable prices. Our designs use various combinations of sterling silver, semi-precious stones and high quality handcrafted pewter, and are inspired by a time when Gallantry and Chivalry ruled the day. Each Gallery piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, a fact sheet to help you explain and share the uniqueness of your piece, a gift box, and a bibliography so you can learn more about early printing.

Our Timeless Keepsakes Collection pieces use fragments that are 150 to 200 years old from the Victorian Era. Our most popular Keepsakes pieces incorporate bits from genuine editions of well known 19th century authors. Other pieces feature Bible and hymnal parts and include a mustard seed.

We are proud of our designs and hope you will enjoy them

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